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MIC 81115

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The CA Series Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump is ideal for high-flow applications requiring excellent chemical and abrasion reistance. The CA Series utilizes a unique magnetic drive technology, providing a virtually leak-free environment, energy-efficient fluid delivery, and compatability with a wide range of motors.
  • Performance Summary

    Flow Rate (min) 1 L/min (0.26 gpm)
    Flow Rate (max) 27 L/min (7.1 gpm)
    Head (max) 14 Meters H2O (26 ft)
    System Pressure (max) 13.8 bar (200psi)
    Temperature Range -46 to 122°C (-50 to 250°F)
    Viscosity Range 0.2 to 100 cP
    Weight 0.75 lbs
    Standard Ports 3/8"-18 NPT(F) Inlet; 1/4"-18 NPT(F) Outlet
    Recommended Max Speed 10,000 RPM